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~The Story of Barry and Hans, the German Shepherd ~


I wish I had taken a picture of Hans when I first saw him. Hans wanted to "eat" me when I first tried to come into his home. All you are going to see are the "after" pictures. In the beginning, Hans was extremely anxious and tense, dominate and aggressive. No one could get in the front door without fear of being attacked. So Barry was putting him in his cage more and more. Even in his cage, Hans was furious.  Walking up to the fence outside was very scary. Barry was having a difficult time controlling him. Barry couldn't walk him because he was afraid that he would bite anyone who walked by.


My average amount of lessons per person is about two lessons, but this dog took a little bit more time. When I arrived for the first lesson, I couldn't even start until Barry had bought a muzzle, and then it was difficult to get closed. A muzzle doesn't mean I won't get attacked. It just means that I won't get bitten! So we started there. By the end of the first lesson we made significant headway. By the second lesson, things were even better. By the third lesson, you could see a difference in the anxiety level of Hans and he was more relaxed and under control. The cage was no longer necessary to keep him away from people coming into the house. The pictures you see now are from the 4th lesson. Look how relaxed his face is! Look how happy he is! Barry has done a wonderful job! Barry, you are a great student! I am so proud of the progress you made with Hans!


Today, Hans has a bright and happy future. He likes and trusts people more now. He likes to be touched. And he will get better as time goes by. We have started to show him how much fun agility is and he loves it!  Many dogs NEED jobs. Barry can control him with the techniques he has learned to be calm; but, assertive. What in the beginning he was an angry, frustrated dog, he is now a happy, trusting dog who is having fun! I love it! Hans, you are a remarkable dog! Look at this picture. There is intelligence looking back at YOU!


Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015



Making a "bubble" around babies is very important and is easy to do. This is the result of showing the dogs how to respect a new born baby in the house and outside as well! Little Michael is now a leader, along with his parents! 


Three German Shepherds that would NOT play nice before their lessons! Now they are calm and submissive, following their owners and playing well together.  Notice how relaxed everyone is now!


When dogs are given limits and boundaries, and you practice them, any dog can play with any other dog!






Even four dogs can stay back from the door! No more barking, no more rushing to the visitors! Way to go, Bosch, Hope, Lilly and Lucy! This picture was taken after the first lesson; imagine how good they got with practice!

Tracy with Onyx and Shadow


Tracy was finding that her dogs were acting out because they needed mental and physical exercise. Dogs that get exercised or are led by their owners (what I mean by that is that they are following in the walk and not leading out front) are so much happier and calmer. Although Tracy cannot "walk" them, we found a way for Tracy to get her dogs out and enjoy doing it herself! Tracy, you are doing a great job! Onyx & Shadow don't pull! Tracy, thanks for showing everyone that it is possible to lead your dogs even from a scooter!

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