Don't spend your time and money unwisely on "Puppy Training" classes at your local pet store. Elaine will come into your home and teach you how enforce natural boundaries and commands to your puppy at an early age. I highly recommend Elaine to all of our new puppy owners. ~Arlene Quinn, Golden Glory Golden Retriever Breeder, PA

Arlene Quinn
Elaine is a Dog Whisperer!


Quotes Two visits with Elaine have made such a change in our German Shepherd. It is so much easier to walk her. She no longer pulls on the leash and walks beside us. I was so proud of her on a recent walk. A family with a Pitt Bull came towards us and they were having problems keeping their dog under control. I did was Elaine had instructed us to do when walking and Liebchen totally ignored the other dog and walked beside me without any tugging. Elaine's approach is so behavior oriented and she helps you understand why your dog does what he/she does. She also successfully instructed us in preventing Liebchen from rushing to the door. We would recommend her to anyone with a dog! Thanks Elaine!

Nancy Kirk
Satisfied Grandmother



Elaine was amazing. It was like having Caesar in my home. My Great Pyreneese rescue has problems with visitors and barking. In one session, Elaine taught me how to be a pack leader and the result was a different dog. He feels better and so do I. Not to mention my sweet dog who gets frightened at noises. I highly recommend Elaine.

Regina Keller
What a difference a day makes!



Baxter is our lovable, handsome 1-year-old Golden Retriever. I have said for the short time we have owned him, he "gets by" in life because of his good looks. Basically, Baxter had no manners when Elaine came to our home for her evaluation. And at 75 pounds, he was a "cute" problem that quite frankly was obnoxious. Within two visits he was a different dog. Elaine taught our entire family, including our 3 young children, how to handle Baxter. She is very professional and is a wealth of knowledge. Baxter is my 4th Golden Retriever and I have tried several different obedience classes in Chester County. I learned something at every one of those classes, but nothing comes close to what I have learned with Elaine. I could never transfer what I learned with Baxter in the "classroom" to the house. Elaine helped us with so many bad habits that Baxter developed in our home, in our backyard, and in our car in a short time. We will recommend her to anyone that needs help with their dog!

Susan and Family in Chester Springs



We had Elaine over to help us with our most recent rescue, who had issues with aggression, excessive barking, and not obeying commands. Not only did she show us it was possible to get him under control, but she did so in one visit! We've already had a follow-up visit with Elaine, during which included our two other dogs. The difference is amazing. We'll definitely have her over at least once more in a few weeks and we'll definitely recommend her to anyone else needing help with their dog(s). Thanks so much Elaine ? you are the greatest!

Karen and Matt
Chester County's very own dog whisperer



Elaine, I would like to thank you for the amazing results from We just finished our first session with Bailey, my 95 lb. Boxer. With your instruction and supervision he has taken on a new, calmer demeanor. His strengh and affection is now relaxing, just as you said he would. Thanks so much for improving both Bailey's life as well as mine.

Bob Storman



We highly recommend Elaine to anyone who is having problems with their dog ! Our dog, Jake, a 9 month old German Shepherd Norwegian Elkhound mix, was always barking at people and jumping on, or running over children. He loved children but they usually didn't love him back! Elaine was here twice and we have a totally different dog.Our friends and family like him now!!! THANKS , Elaine Mary New Holland, PA a very satisfied customer

Mary Huber
Impressed Customers!



Our 10 month old Black Labrador, Kallie needed some help learning to calm down when she was around other dogs and people. When we would go for a walk I was no longer able to control her if she saw anyone else outside. After her first visit with us, Elaine taught me how make sure that Kallie understands that I am in charge. I love taking her for walks now!!! Elaine made an instant connection with Kallie and knew how she needed to deal with her, through both sessions I knew she was treating my puppy as an individual. But most impressive to me was her patience our puppy. Kallie has been terrified of the vacuum since the day she came home at 8 weeks old. Elaine worked with Kallie (and the vacuum) and within 25 minutes she had her eating a piece of cheese off of the vacuum WHILE IT WAS ON. I was amazed at how well she understood Kallie's anxiety (as well as I did) and helped her work through it. We now feel better prepared to give our puppy what she needs from us.

Dianne Smith and Chris Dando
Better prepared puppy parents



If you are looking for dog training, I would definitely recommend Elaine. We had just brought a 10 month old retriever into our home and he was lovable but in need of some manners and he also needed to get along with our 9 year old Sheltie. The first day Elaine came she made quite a difference. She trained us so we could train our dogs. It was especially nice that she comes to your home at a time that is convenient for you. It is also helpful that by coming into your home, she can easily assess the behavior problems. Thank you Elaine.




It is with pleasure that I submit a testimonial regarding the training by Elaine Cury. We have a Havanese named Mazie that we would like to train to become a therapy dog. In just two sessions, Elaine showed us tips that have transformed Mazie into an even better dog. Elaine understands dogs. Elaine knows dogs. If you want your dog to be more than a dog and an actual best friend and family member, Elaine will put you on the right path. Truly a great trainer. The only trainer you will ever need.

Jackey McConnell

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